Exquisite Purple Polka Dot Pepper Spray

Exquisite Purple Polka Dot Pepper Spray


Just spray and get away!!

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Mace Exquisite Purple Polka Dot Pepper Spray, Purse model. Mace® Brand Exquisite line!

Where fashion meets safety and security! Carry this Purple Polka Dot Purse model with you as a discreet Pepper Spray when going out or for everyday protection in your purse.

You can safely DEFEND YOURSELF in a threatening situation with the effective power of Mace Maximum Strength Formula 10% OC Pepper Stream plus UV Dye

  • Weight 17 grams,
  • Dimensions 4″ h x 1″
  • 10-foot range
  • 5 Burst

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Pink, Purple


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